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How would I graph equations in Microsoft Excel 2003 and the residuals? I want to graph linear, quadratic and exponential equations but I don't know how.

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    I don't know how to do these things either, but just in case no one else answers your question with specifics, you should try pressing the F1 key and using either the index or the search feature to find out how. Microsoft has an extensive help file, on your computer and online.

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    Okay, thank you.

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    Frankly, I have never done one of these graphs on Excel SO I went to the help assistant of Excel on my computer, typed in graphing, and it brought up a long list of possibilities. I clicked on one and it gave me a sell spiel for some product. I clicked on scatter graphs and up came the instructions for that graph type. The instructions are generic. Go to your excel program, open it, and click on insert, then click on chart, then choose from the list of charts the program can provide. The Chart Wizard walks you through the process. I recommend you go through the process and print the instructions. Also, I think you must have the data you wish to plot already in cells of Excel because the program asks which cells you wish to use to form the graph. I hope this helps.

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