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imagine that you are a member of the second continental would you write a letter to king goerge the 3rd explaining why you believe the colonies in north america should be allowed to peacefully separate.
this is social studies again and this would greatly appreciate the responce anyone gives believe me it would greatly help me and a very good friend . thanks in advance.

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    I suggest you base your letter on the Declaration of Independence. Put some of these ideas into your own words and explain why war should be avoided.

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    thanks for the help ma'am i am now sure since you have helped me twice i will get good grades . please respond to many ore questions that i may have in the future. thanks again!
    by the way will you please my puncuation and such . because i need to start getting ready for bed so i am rushing. bye

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    i sure wish i ould help poeple with homework and more . just like you. good night.

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    Good luck, Sam. I'm sure you will get good grades. :-)

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