6th Grade Measurement

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What is the area of the circle if the diameter is 6 m?

A: 9m
B: 18 m
C: 27 m
D: 108 m

I think the answer is B because if times the diameter by 3 then you get 18.

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    The answer isn't 18. After looking at the material Ms Sue posted for the previous question, rework this one with that information.

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    Yes, I reworked it and I got 27 m.

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    I did this problem and I got 28.27...hm.. is my calculator incorrect?

    I don't think so since I went to the site and the area of a circle is pi r^2

    r= 3 and they have the same problem on the site that was given by Ms.Sue!... o.O;;

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    Reading below, if you use 3 instead of 3.14..etc.
    then you get 27 so that is correct. =D

  • 6th Grade Measurement -

    i need help

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