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Which Axis country took control of several countries and bases in the Pacific Ocean in 1941?

A. Germany
B. the Soviet Union
C. Japan
D. Italy

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    Some clues:

    Two of these countries border the Pacific Ocean -- and one of them took control of several countries in this ocean.

    However -- only one of these countries was an Axis nation.

    Which one do you think it is?

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    Here's an interesting background:

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    I was thinking the Soviet Union. But I'm confused because I thought that Germany, Japan, and Italy were all Axis Powers.

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    Here's the list:


    * 2.1 Major Axis powers
    o 2.1.1 Germany
    o 2.1.2 Japan
    o 2.1.3 Italy
    * 2.2 Minor powers
    o 2.2.1 Hungary
    o 2.2.2 Romania
    o 2.2.3 Slovak Republic
    o 2.2.4 Bulgaria
    o 2.2.5 Yugoslavia
    o 2.2.6 Croatia
    o 2.2.7 Thailand
    * 2.3 Co-belligerents
    o 2.3.1 Finland
    o 2.3.2 Iraq
    * 2.4 Japanese puppet states
    o 2.4.1 Manchukuo (Manchuria)
    o 2.4.2 Mengjiang (Inner Mongolia)
    o 2.4.3 Wang Jingwei Government
    o 2.4.4 Burma (Ba Maw regime)
    o 2.4.5 Philippines (Second Republic)
    o 2.4.6 India (Provisional Government of Free India)
    o 2.4.7 Vietnam
    o 2.4.8 Cambodia
    o 2.4.9 Laos
    * 2.5 Italian puppet states
    o 2.5.1 Albania
    o 2.5.2 Greece
    o 2.5.3 Montenegro (Drljević regime)
    o 2.5.4 Pindus and Macedonia
    * 2.6 German puppet states
    o 2.6.1 Italy (Salò regime)
    o 2.6.2 Hungary (Szálasi regime)
    * 2.7 Axis collaborator states
    o 2.7.1 France (Vichy regime)
    * 2.8 Controversial cases of relations with the Axis
    o 2.8.1 Denmark
    o 2.8.2 Portugal
    o 2.8.3 Serbia
    o 2.8.4 Soviet Union
    o 2.8.5 Spain

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    You're right. Germany, Japan, and Italy were all Axis powers. Which of these three borders the Pacific Ocean?

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    Japan borders the Pacific Ocean.

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    Right! Japan was the Axis power that took over several Pacific Ocean nations in 1941.

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    Thank you! You made this a lot easier to understand.

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    You're welcome. :-)

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    well it would have to be A. Germany.

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