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Identify the equation as an identity, inconsistent equation or conditional equation.

my answer is it is an inconsistent equation

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    sure looks very consistent to me

    (-3/2)x = 7/4 - 1
    (-3/2)x = 3/4 (times 4 )
    -6x = 3
    x = -1/2

    What is a conditional equation?

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    This is rather about the concept:

    1) Identity means both sides are equal no matter what the value x will take.

    example: 2+x=x+2

    2) inconsistent: means the equation is not true regardless the x value.

    example: 2+x=3+x

    3) conditional: The equation is true at certain x value.

    example: x+2=5, it is true if x=3.

    Make sense?

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