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1. Paying attention to punctation marks, write the following sentences in short words.

2. After you read the following passage, mark appropriate punctuation marks. After that write them again.

3. After you read the following passage, using short words, answer the question?

Are the sentences above correct?
Short words or short forms?
For example, 'I am' can be contracted into 'I'm', which is a short word.

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    If you mean "shortened words" -- the same thing as contractions -- then you'll need to say "shortened words." I don't know what "short words" are! (As opposed to tall words!)

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    From GuruBlue:

    Instead of the second "after that", I would substitute "then". What does the "them" refer to? It is not clear in that sentence.

    #3. Use the term "contractions".
    After you read the following passage, answer the question using contractions.

    Notice, I put a period at the end of the sentence instead of a question mark.

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