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I have one more question I need to ask about algebra, this one is a perform the indicated operation question.

4x 5x
----- - ----
x^2-9 x^2+4x-+3

I am really confused on the -+3 part, I don't know if my teacher made a typo or what, because without the - in that part it would be easily factorable.

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    oops it didn't write the question like i wanted it to, here I'll fix it
    4x/x^2-9 - 5x/x^2+4x-+3

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    I also think the -+ is a typo error by your teacher. Assume it is +
    Then you have
    4x/[(x+3)(x-3)] - 5x/[(x+3)(x+1)]

    = [1/(x+3)][4x(x+1)-5x(x-3)]/[(x+1)(x-3)]
    = [1/(x+3)][-x^2+19x]/[(x+1)(x-3)]
    = -x(x-19)/[(x+1)(x-3)(x+3)]

    I don't guarantee I did that right. I created a common denominator, but it is still pretty messy.

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