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Hi I am in need of help, please... The question says to perform the indicated operation.

x^2+2x-3/x^2-9 Divided By x^2-1/x^3-27

I put divided by in the middle to show that it is dividing two rational expressions.

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    Try simplifying
    x^2+2x-3/x^2-9 to (x+3)(x-1)/[(x+3)(x-3)]
    = (x-1)/(x-3)

    Similarly factor what you can in the x^2-1/x^3-27
    and you will get some more cancellations when you do the final division.

    Hint: x^3-27 can be factored, and one of its factors is (x-3). I wil leave you to figure out the other one.

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    Ooo ok thanks so much, I got it :D

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