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Please help I am having a bit of trouble I need to write two separate paragrapghs of eight to twelve sentences each based on the following scenarios. (I can make up details if I need to to make my paragraphs more realistic....

Paragraph 1..
I have applied for a job as a Medical Office Assistant. As a evaluation ,the Human Resoures Department asks me to write a paragraph describing an experience that I have had that inspired me or guided me to become a Medical office assistant.

(I know that my audience is my potenial employer and I need to show my enthusiam for my work and I have to clearly express my interest. I also know I need to show the employer why I am the best candidate for the job)

In Paragraph 2 I need to write about my favorite cousin who as moved to my area and is looking for a job. All of her other previous jobs have been working in a deptment store as a cashier and she plans to apply at similar stores. But I know that she has many other talents. In fact she would be a perfect canidate for a job opening where I work. My boss in looking for a reliable assistat.I know that she would get along with the boss and she would be good at the job. (I know that my goal is to persuade my cousin to apply for the job. I need to e-mail her a paragraph with the specifics of the job and the reasons that she should apply. I need to use an informal tone but use correct business writing to show I take my recommendation seriously.

I just seem to get started there is so much information that need to be covered. I have a few ideas but I am not sure what the best ways is to write these paragraphs any help you can give me would be great. (I am having a bit of trouble also because I was in a car accident and I am recovering from a head injry and it is hard for me to put what I want to say together thanks again for the help

  • English please help me -

    I need help with the my English that I posted on March 17,2008 If anybody could please help that would be great thanks you very much

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