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You are working on a polynomials problem with algebra tiles. You have five big squares, seven rectangles, and eight small squares on your desk. your classmate leans over and borrows three big squares, one rectangle, and five small squares. Write an algebraic equation that represents the tiles you started with, what your classmate borrowed, and the tiles you had left.

so far this is what I got
5x^2 + 7x + 8 what she start with
what class mate borrowed
3x^2 + x + 5
what left
2x^2 + 6x +3
please can someone show me how to write it in an algebraic equation

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    I hope it's just me, but I am confused by your question.
    Why are you calling the large square x^2, the rectangle x, and the smaller square by just a constant???

    This makes no sense.

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    The reason why I call the big square x^2, the rectangle x and the smaller square by just constant is because when you are using polynomial tiles the big square stands for x^2 of -X^2 while the rectangle stand for just x or -x and the small square stand for numbers.

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