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I went to a retrospective art exhibition(Joe Fafard's). I have these questions that must be answered for my essay.
I'm supposed to make an essay out of it. There's one question I made up but I don't know how to answer it properly since I have NO idea bubbling inside my head.

How do I perceive my life and community through it(his art works)?
I'm discussing about how I couldn't relate to his art pieces since I've never been exposed to a rural lifestyle, therefore I don't find the sculptures of farm animals such as cows and bulls attractive.
Help me get some ideas for this question. It's for my stupid personal essay.

There's other question I'm also having trouble with:
"What experiences and feelings will I discover once I look at his art pieces?" I need two supporting statements for this question.

God, I hate essays. Help me please. It would help immensely if you know the artist Joe Fafard and his work or at least browse his art work on google.

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    Were all the sculptures of farm animals? A Google search shows many different sculptures, including these.


    The purpose of this experience and your essay is to try to open your eyes to different ways of viewing the world. The sculptures of people should have some meaning to an urbanite like you.

    Your essay will be limited if all you remember are the farm animals. But if you saw other sculptures, you can include your reactions to them in your essay.

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    What reactions should I have when looking at his sculptures, including people and architectural designs? I don't even know what to say about it.. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad, or even explaining whatever emotion I'm feeling when it comes to art.

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    When I look at art, I usually don't feel happy or sad. I may feel awestruck at the intricacies of the art. I may imagine the person who inspired this sculpture: http://www.askart.com/AskART/photos/Others/115434.jpg

    I may chuckle at the rooster on the horse and wonder if both the rider and the rooster are overly proud of themselves. http://www.cbc.ca/gfx/pix/fafard-cowboyhat-051201.jpg

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