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a.One way that opposition to civil War was suppressed was the denial of the right of_________
b.A _______ was an area set aside exclusively for Native American Tribes.
c.A_________ is a place set up to provide housing and a standard of living for the employees of a large factory.
d.A_______ is a large corporation that is set up generally in an effort to control the market for a particular good, commodity or service.
e.An early concept that allowed the Industrial Revolution to take place was an improvement in manufacturing known as_________.

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    If you post the words that you think go in the blanks, we'll be glad to check them.

    Note that this is Jiskha Homework HELP board, not a Homework DO board.

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    a. i think is jim crow
    b. homestesd
    c. union
    d. utopia
    e.interchangeable parts

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    All of them are incorrect. Please try again. Two of the answers are monopoly and reservation.

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    a. Habeas Corpus
    b. reservations
    c. utopia
    d. monopoly
    e. interchangeable parts

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