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I am looking for a perpendicular line. I'd appreciate ir if you could tell me if I'm on the right track. I am given y=-5x + 4 and know that a perpendicular line passes through (3,5). I think the slope of this line would be 1/5 so it would go up (rise) 1, so the y point would be 6 and it would go over 5 places so x would be 8. I have to come up with the perpendicular line using slope intercept notation. Am I even close? Thanks!!!

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    since you know the slope is 1/5 you know the new equation must be

    y = (1/5)x + b, but you also know that (3,5) lies on it, so...
    5 = (1/5)(3) + b , multiply by 5
    25 = 3 + 5b
    22 = 5b
    b = 22/5

    so the equation in the form asked for is

    y = (1/5)x + 22/5

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    Great...thanks for the clear explanation!:)

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