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Working together, Larry, Moe and Curly can paint an elephant in 3 minutes. Working alone, it would take Larry 10 minutes or Moe 6 minutes to paint the elephant. How long would it take Curly to paint the elephant if he worked alone?


  • word problem -

    Larry paints L elephants/minute
    Moe paints M elephants per minute
    Curley paints C elephants per minute

    (L + M + C )(3) = 1 elephant
    (L) (10) = 1 elephant
    (M)(6) = 1 elephant
    L = 1/10
    M = 1/6
    (1/10 + 1/6 + C )(3) = 1
    3/30 + 5/30 + C = 10/30
    C = 2/30 = 1/15 elephants per minute
    15 minutes per elephant

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