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I know this isn't a homework question. I apologize. I want to know what kind of career i should look for. I'm upon the completion of an Associate deg of IT/NETWORKING. From univ of phoenix online. I look on a site called dice for IT jobs.

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    There are all kinds of websites that are "career websites" (, etc.), but the best one I've found (and keep coming back to) for up-to-date data about various careers and jobs is the Occupational Outlook Handbook:

    There are categories linked at the right, and don't forget to go into Tomorrow's Jobs. It's excellent.

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    Thank you, but i am looking for a more specific answer. im taking my core classes are intro to wlan and intro to lan and i want to know what job will accept me. I was told to try and start off with an isp company and work my way up.

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    Understanding WLAN and LAN, etc., is good, and if you want a tech job, go for it.

    If you want a true career, however, go for something a bit more far-reaching. Becoming an analyst, for example, will give you more options throughout your life than anything more narrow. You should also know programming, I think, and maybe have some training in graphics. In other words, the higher up you aim, the better your life will be in the long run -- your WHOLE life, I mean -- including working with varied and interesting people, marrying someone who is also an interesting person, raising your children well, etc.

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    I hope you come back to check on responses to your question. Here's a good article from the Boston Globe you should read!


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    Of course I came back to read your responses. Heh I'm already married to a wonderful woman from Belize. Anyways I'm going to go further to a bs in System Information Security. It has some java and web design in it. The java has me terrified though.

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