Calculus III

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What is the indefinite integral of:


If I could have two things given to me please, I'd be grateful. The two things are:

1) Trick/Technique to Use
2) First 2 or 3 steps

Thanks in advanced.

  • Calculus III -

    Express sin(3x) in terms of sin(x).

    exp(ix) = cos(x) + i sin(x) (1)

    Take the third power of both sides:

    exp(3ix) = [cos(x) + i sin(x)]^3

    From (1) it follows that the imaginary part of the left hand side is sin(3x)

    Expand the right hand side and take the imaginary part. You then find:

    sin(3x) = -sin^3(x) + 3sin(x)cos^2(x)

    = 3 sin(x) - 4 sin^3(x)

    It then follws that:

    sin(3x)/sin(x) =

    3 - 4 sin^2(x)

    which is almost trivial to integrate.

  • Calculus III -

    Out of curiosity, where did the 'i' come from, and what technique did you use?

    Also, how did you write sin(3x) In terms of sin(x)?

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