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i have a couple questions
what are the least common multiples of these number sets (30,65) (66,55,44) (29,58,4)(20,55)(180,252) and 21,16

then i need someone to solve these inequalitys
x-7<-8 3t<15 3w>30 4n+8<24 6y+1<19

2r-8>6 b-5>-2 2y+1<-5 4x-6>-10

thanks in advance

  • Math -

    I will do one for you:

    66 = 11*3*2
    55 = 11*5
    44 = 11*2*2

    So we will need 11*2*2*3*5 = 660

    do the others the same way

    I will do the last of the second batch

    4x > -10 + 6
    4x > -4
    x > -1

    There is only one thing you have to keep in mind.
    If in the last step you either multiply or divide by a negative, the inequality sign has to be reversed.


    -3x > 15
    x < -5

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