more chemistry help and proofread

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write the formulas for the following
potassium sulfide i put KaS
Tin (IV) chloride i put SnCl4
Dihydrogen sulfide i put H2S
Calcium Oxide i put CaO
Hydrobromic acid i put HBr
Aluminum Fluoride i put AlF3
dinotrogen pentoxide i put N2O5
Iron (III) carbonate i put Fe2(CO3)3

  • more chemistry help and proofread -

    potassium sulfide i put KaS K is potassium and it is +1 while sulfide is -2; therefore, the formula is K2S.
    Tin (IV) chloride i put SnCl4 OK
    Dihydrogen sulfide i put H2SOK
    Calcium Oxide i put CaOOK
    Hydrobromic acid i put HBr OK
    Aluminum Fluoride i put AlF3 OK
    dinotrogen pentoxide i put N2O5OK
    Iron (III) carbonate i put Fe2(CO3)3 OK

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