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I don't understand this problem at all. It involves finding the line of best fit. The question says, for a set of data, the line of best fit is y= -3x-4 and that r^2 is 0.22. What is the correlation coefficient? I don't know how to solve this.

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    The correlation coefficient is the value of r.

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    Thank you, but I have another question. Would I have to square root r^2, because how else would I find the value or r?

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    Yes, but some scientists will refer to r^2 as the correlation coefficient while others will refer to r as the correlation coefficient. So, what you should do is take the square root and say something like

    "the correlation coeffcient is given by r = 0.469".

    And then it doesn't really matter if you had said:

    "the correlation coeffcient is given by r^2 = 0.22".

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    Okay, thanks.

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