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Physical Science

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Hello, Can some one please tell me if B is the correct answer?
Thank You

Which one of the following groups of chemical compounds is composed entirely of organic compounds?
A. C2H4O, CH2O, CaSO4, C3H5(OH)3
B. C6H6, C2H5OH, C6H5CH3, C3H5(NO3)3
C. C2H2, CH4, CaCl2, CaCN2
D. Ch3OCH3, Ca3(PO4)2, CO2, H2CO3

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    Yes, it is B

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    Collect organic compounds:
    a) NaOH; b) Na2CO3; c) CH4; d) C2H2; e) CO 2; f) C2H5OH

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