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How many grams of ice could be melted by the energy obtained as 18.0 grams of steam is condensed at 100.0 degrees celcius and cooled to 0.0 degrees celcius?

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    The amount of heat liberated will be
    Q = M*(Hv + 100 Cp)
    where M = Mass (18.0g),
    Hv = the heat of vaporization per gm (540 Cal/g), and
    Cp is the specific heat of liquid water (1.00 Cal/g deg.C)

    Q = 18*(540 + 100) = 11,520 Calories
    Divide this by the heat of fusion of ice, 80 Cal/g, to get the amount of ice that will melt. This assumes that the ice started out at C.

    I get 144 g. Check my numbers and method.

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