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a glass is partially filled with water. Five ice cubes are placed in the glass, causing the level of the water to reach the rim of the glass. Which of the following statments best explains the increase in water level?

A)The volume of the sumerged ice is equal to the volume of the water displaced.

B) The mass of the water in the glass is less then the mass of the ice.

C)The weight of the ice is less that the weight of the water in the glass.

D) The density of the water in the glss is greater then the density of the ice.

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    A) and D) are both true but do not really explain why the water level rises.

    Ice that is fully submerged OR which floats must displace some water, causing the water level to rise. A) is the closest to a proper answer.

    B) and D) may or may not be true, depending upon how much ice was there to start with.

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    ice would be lighter than water cause ice is crystals when it freeze

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