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Would someone critique my hypothesis?
question:Although most salamanders have four legs, the aquatic salamander
shown below resembles an eel. It lacks hind limbs and
has very tiny forelimbs. Propose a hypothesis to explain how
limbless salamanders evolved according to Darwin's theory of
natural selection.

My hypothesis: According to Darwin and his theory of natural selection salamanders evolved into limbless salamanders to adapt to their habitats. Salamanders evolve with a reduction of limbs to better survive in their habitat, either to swim with the ease of reduced limbs or for burrowing underground.

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    I'm not sure if I agree with the burrowing part, since limbs can be an aid for burrowing in some soils. It may have have to do with easier access to spaces between and under rocks. I like the swimming part of your answer. This question has appeared here several times before; sometimes I wonder if it assigned by teachers of creationism. You are the first student O have seen with an answer. Good thinking!

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    Thanks I think that was a very good answer and after looking us Darwins Theory you are excatly correct..Kudos!

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