right triangles can't have decimals in the angles?

posted by woody

why can't a right triangle have decimals in the other two angles?

it has a right angle, therefor the other two must add up to equal 180, correct?

well i did my calculations, and i got 53.6 degrees for angle 1 and for angle 2, 36.4 degrees. they all add up to equal 180. why did the teacher take off 2 points off because i had decimals in the answer?

  1. woody

    it said find the missing values (tenth), so doesn't that mean you round to the nearest tenth decimal place?

  2. Dan

    Did you teacher actually say that's why you lost 2 marks? It might have been lack of decimal place(s) or an incorrect answer.

    Triangles can definitely have decimal angles.

  3. Reiny

    First of all the other two angles of a right-angled triangle add up to 90º, not 180º.

    Of course the other two angles can have decimals, they could even be irrational

    Suppose one angle is √450º, then the other angle would be (90-√450)º

    As long as they are both positive, they can be any two real numbers, as long as they add up to 90

  4. idk

    I got decimals in my answer for a problem, so yeah... I think you can have decimals.

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