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American History

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How did isolationist beliefs affect immigration policy during 1920s?

Is nativism similar to isolationism? I only know how the nativist sentiment affected the immigration policy, but I don't know about the isolationist beliefs. Please explain. THANKS A LOT!

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    Isolationism is the policy that the country should basically ignore other countries and not get involved with their problems. After World War I, many Americans embraced isolationism to avoid being involved in another war with other countries. Geographically, America is isolated from the rest of the world; isolationism demanded that we remain economically and militarily isolated from Europe, Africa, and Asia.

    Nativism means that the country wanted only "real" Americans here. For many people, that meant keeping out foreigners.

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    so, go back to the actual question,how did isolationist beliefs affect immigration policy during 1920s?

    Please give me some ideas!THANKS!

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    Americans believed they had a great country. The isolationists didn't want to be involved with the rest of the world. Obviously, that also meant that they didn't want people from other countries here. Nativism (keeping the U.S. for Americans) went hand-in-hand with isolationism.

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