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What is an example of two events that are neither disjoint nor independent?

(I have no idea how that would even work)

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    throwing 2 dice and flipping a coin.

    suppose you want the prob(heads and a sum of 7)
    the process of flipping the coin has no effect on the act of throwing the dice.
    Thus the events are "independent"

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    sorry I misread your question

  • statistics -

    If the sets are not disjoint then they have elements in common.
    for example
    the set A containing numbers 1 through 7. There is only one of each number in the set.I can only pick from set A
    the set B containing numbers 6 through 9. There is only one of each number in the set. You can only pick from set B

    Is the probability of picking a number from set B changed by the previous random selection of a number from box A?
    Sure it is. If I took the six or the seven from set A, I took it from the intersection, and you can not pick it. Therefore the events are not independent.

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