posted by Miley

I have a big long paragraph with a bunch of dialogue in it. Can anyone explain to me how to put the dialouge in paragraphs? thanks:)

  1. Writeacher


    Scroll down to the paragraph that begins with the words "Convention normally insists ... " and you'll see a good example.


  2. Miley

    Thanks:) but i'm still confused... is this how i put it in paragraphs.

    Leper decided he wanted to qualify for the Super Suicide Society, so he announced his intention to make the leap. I went into Gene’s room to inform him on the news, and to see if he wanted to tag along. When I told Gene about the jump, he seemed very unconfident that Leper would jump.
    I guess I was right because Gene said, “Leper Lepellier would go down paralyzed with panic on any sinking troopship before making such a jump.”
    I urged Gene to come, but he seemed ticked off about something.
    Then Gene exclaimed as he slammed his French book closed, “Oh for heaven’s sake.”
    “What’s the matter,” I asked.
    Gene snarled, “I’m studying, I don’t want to ruin my grade just to go see Leper chicken out and not jump.”
    So I said, “Don’t come, it’s fine with me."
    Gene seemed surprised and said, “Never mind, forget my studying, I joined the Super Suicide Society, and I’m going.”

  3. Writeacher

    Yes, that looks correct.


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