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complete the square for the equation


how do I figure out what goes there

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    well..I can't remember the formular for that one. But, you could figure it out by looking at equation.
    if you have to factor the equation, it will be like this: (x- ?) (x-?)
    Because of the middle number is -3x and the (?) is positive, it has to be (-) something * (-) something. When you add those two, you have to get -3x. IF you multiply them, you 'll get positve (+) number.
    (x-2) (x-1)= x^2-x-2x+2

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    Sorry, but that is not correct

    The question was to complete the square, so the first and last terms have to be perfect squares.

    in general if the expression starts with 1x^2, take onehalf of the middle term coefficient and square that.

    so 3/2 squared is 9/4

    then x^2-3x+9/4 = (x-3/2)^2

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    Yea..I remembered now. Thanks 4 correcting !

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