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what season is easter in? is it spring?
how about thanksgiving day? what season is that in?

How's the weather in winter for Alaska and Seattle?

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    Easter is always in spring. Thanksgiving is also in fall.
    Winter weather in Alaska depends a lot upon where you live, since the state is so large and has a wide latitude range. It is cold, of course, but along the southeast panhandle, (such as Juneau and Ketchikan) the temperatures are relatively mild.
    Seattle has very mild winters, but gets some rain or light showers on most winter days. Daytime high temperatures are usually above freezing in winter, and snow rarely gets more than a few inches deep or stays on the ground more than a week. There are high mountains nearby with year-round skiing.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help forum. Once you know the dates for the seasons, you can place the holidays where they belong, season-wise:


    Here's the section:
    So, according to Traditional reckoning, Winter begins between 5 November and 10 November, Samhain, óßì~ (lìdŁNng); Spring between 2 February and 7 February, Imbolc, óßèt (lìchŁNn); Summer between 4 May and 10 May, Beltane, óß⃠(lìxià); and Autumn between 3 August and 10 August, Lughnasadh, óßèH (lìqiŁN). The middle of each season is considered Mid-winter, between 20 December and 23 December, ì~éä (dŁNngzhì); Mid-spring, between 19 March and 22 March, ètï™ (chŁNnfŁNn); Mid-summer, between 19 June and 23 June, âƒéä (xiàzhì); and Mid-autumn, between 21 September and 24 September, èHï™ (qiŁNfŁNn).



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    P.S. Weather:



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    The "official" periods of the seasons are the astronomical definitions, not the ones defined by insolation (solar heating) from the referenced cited by SrJMcGin. These are the dates you will find printed on calendars, for example. The astronomical definition, from the same article, is:
    In astronomical reckoning, the seasons begin at the solstices and equinoxes...

    In the conventional United States calendar: Winter (89 days) begins on 21 December, the winter solstice; Spring (92 days) on 20 March, the vernal equinox; Summer (93 days) on 20 June, the summer solstice; and Autumn (90 days) on 22 September, the autumnal equinox. (These dates can vary by one day due to leap year effects)

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