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could you please multiply these together and tell me what you come up having trouble coming up with the right doing something wrong but don't know what!!


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    See my last comment to your previous post of thsi question.

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    i found the problem...she made gave us a problem on a worksheet and its the same problem in the book...but the difference is the book has .43 instead of .043 on my the book would be right and i guess she either copied it wrong or she did it on purpose...thanks for your help...just curious though would the answer be 1,086,000

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    Use this formula:

    (a + b)(c + d + e) =

    ac + ad + ae + bc + bd + be


    Steps to solve your question:

    1-Each terms of the left side polynomial, which is this guy
    (-.096t^4+3t^3-27t^2+91t+1700), should be distributed through the second polynomial, ONE AT A TIME using the formula given above.


    (A) If you place all of the terms in parentheses, you don't have to worry about the signs right away.

    (B) It doesn't matter if some of the terms are positive and some are negative; just write them all in parentheses and add all the products together.

    2-Combine like terms together. If you look carefully and slowly, you'll see like terms and unlike terms scattered after your addition of products.

    Follow these steps and there should be no problem.

    If there is a problem, write back.

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