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What's Indiana's major lake?

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    I believe it's Lake Michigan,but I'm not 100% sure.

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    Well, I still need help to find the major lake in Indiana because I don't think it's Lake Michigan.

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    To bad I can't remember.

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    I still need to know about the major lake Ms.Sue because when you gave me the websites I can't find the major lake of Indiana.

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    Can someone help me to find the major lake of Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What is Indiana's major lake how large and where is it?

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    Which is the most important major lake in Indiana? Is it Mississinewa lake or Lake Michigan? Please pick one of the lakes as your answer or you could just name another that is is a major lake in Indiana.

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    What is the most major lake is it Lake Michigan?

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    The largest lake in Indiana is Lake Monroe, a reservoir.

    The largest natural lake is Lake Wawasee.

    Lake Michigan, though, is a major lake in Indiana, because it has about 50 miles of shore along the lake.

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