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2.01 g of sodium sulfate

How would I figure out the number of moles of sulfure atoms in that sample?

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    whoops, made a typo. It's sulfur, not sulfure.

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    Sodium sulfate is Na2SO4.
    1 mol Na2SO4 contains 1 mol S.
    1 mol Na2SO4 has a mass of 142.04 g.
    Convert 2.01 g Na2SO4 to mols and since 1 mol Na2SO4 contains 1 mol S, that will be the mols of S, also.
    2.01 x (1 mol Na2SO4/142.04 g Na2SO4) x (1 mol S/1 mol Na2SO4) = ?? mols S in 2.01 g Na2SO4. Note how the units you don't want to keep cancel and the unit you want (mols S in this case) don't cancel. Check my work.

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    awesome! thanks for the help!

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    14.2g of sodium sulphate

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