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algebraic reasoning

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Josephine likes to go hang gliding. she took off from a hillside at an elevation of 700 feet. during the first 5 minutes, she went down to 500 feet. then she rode for another 5 mintues up to a height of 600 feet. she then descended at a rate of 200 feet every 15 minutes until she landed.

**how would i make a graph to represent Josephine's flight?

**how many minutes did her flight take?

  • algebraic reasoning -

    have your grap on the y-axis represents the height, and the x-axis represents the time.

    when she goes down, draw a line going down according to the time and the elevation, and the line will go up when she goes up with the time given.

    for the total time will be 5min down, 5 min up, and 15min for every 200ft down(fr.600ft), add them all together.


  • algebraic reasoning -

    i relly don't no.

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