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Math - Product Dot Vectors

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How would you expand and simplify the following equation?

"(3a + 4b) product dot (5a + 6b)"

Textbook answer: 15| a |^2 + 38a product dot b + 24| b |^2

  • Math - Product Dot Vectors -

    a is evidently a vector and so is b
    in that case I would write a and b as
    a = Ax i + Ay j
    b = Bx i + By j
    Then 3 a + 4 b = (3Ax+4Bx)i+(3Ay+4By)j
    and 5 a + 6 b = (5Ax+6Bx)i+(5Ay+6By)j
    Then the dot product of those two vectors is
    which is
    which is
    which is exactly what they said it should be :)

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