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Hi, i am working with the treaty versailles but i am not sure how to answer this question:

Why would the allies (Britain, France, U.S.A AND Canada) think that the term which states "Germany must accept the responsability for causing all the loss and damage that the allies and their citizens have suffered" why would they think this term was necessary?

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    First of all, the sentence is not a "term." a term would be a word/concept that represents what you are talking about like "compensation."

    Second, what is meant by "accept responsibility"? Does that mean that the Germany government must acknowledge, apologize and/or provide compensation for the effects of the war? However, even so, the current government is not the one that caused the World War II (assuming that is what you are discussing).

    Why apply this only to Germany and not Japan or Italy?

    I hope this helps. If not, repost with more questions. Thanks for asking.

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