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An upscale department offers its customers free gift wrapping on any day that they spend at least $100. The store offers 5 box sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL), 6 wrapping themes (birthday, wedding, baby girl, baby boy, anniversary, and all-occasion), and 3 styles of bow (classic, modern, and jazy).

1. How many ways can packages be gift-wrapped at the store?

2. What is the probability that any wrapped package will be in a large box?

3. What is the probability that any wrapped package will not have a jazzy bow?

4. What is the probability that a customer will request wrapping for a baby-boy gift?

  • Math -

    1. No of ways = 5*6*3 = 90

    2. No of ways for large box = 1*6*3 = 18
    so Prob(large box) = 18/90 = 1/5
    (well duh, since there are 5 different sizes of boxes.....)

    3. Prob(jazz bow) = 1/3
    so prob(NOT a jazzy bow) = 1-1/3 = 2/3

    4. prob of baby-boy = 1/6

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