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algebra 1

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simplifying radical expressions
the square root of sixty

  • algebra 1 -

    We have:

    sqrt{60} =

    We have to break the radicand down (our 60).

    What two numbers (one of them must be a perfect square) multiplied together will produce 60?

    How about sqrt{4} times sqrt{15}?

    Yes, sqrt{4} times sqrt{15} = sqrt{60} and the sqrt{4} is a perfect square.

    sqrt{60} = 2 times sqrt{15}

    Where did 2 come from?

    sqrt{4} = 2, right?

    We cannot break the sqrt{15} anymore because it is already in lowest terms.

    Final answer:

    2(sqrt{15}), which is read:

    "two times the square root of fifthteen."

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