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I have an assignment that involves Project Scope. I have to fill in fields of the scope.
Goals and Objectives
Project Deliverables
Milestone and Deliverable
Deliverables out of Scope
Project Estimated Costs and Duration

The last part seems fairly easy. I just give some fictitious numbers and dates. Can someone please help simplify this for me. I am successfully failing this class.

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    "Project scope" is the boundary that tells where a project begins and ends. It is not the name of specific project. They may be expecting you to "invent" a project. In the real world of business, this is what proposal writing is all about.

    Without a Statement of Work for a specific project, and a timetable for completeing the project, it is impossible to answer your question.

    How can you "successfully fail" a class?

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    That was sarcasm. Im not succeeding in the class. Im simply failing. So, should I give the whole scenario that I am using for me to get help in here? Thanks

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    I hope this can help.

    There is software called Point. I plan to redesign this software. The new version will allow the loan officer to save time and allow the officer to generate more loans thus more money. When the loan officer is speaking to a client he or she is required to take down information about that person in order to start the loan process. After the phone call is over with, the information must be collected and entered into fields in the Point software. My end goal is to make the software automated. When you say certain key words on the headset, the fields will complete themselves. This way the Loan Officer does not have to put the information that was written down twice. They only have to submit the information for a credit approval.

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    It would assist us in helping you if you would provide more specifics about the project. Many of the things you are asking for should already be defined in a Statement of Work, such as might be found in a Request for Proposals.

    The phrase "deliverables out of scope" seems like an oxymoron. Something that is "out of scope" is not required by the Statement of Work, and is not a deliverable.

    Are you sure "Scope" is the name of your project?

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    We were to give a proposal. Above was my proposal. The final project is very large. But now I'm working on the project scope and must fill in information pertaining to my first post in here.

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    This may also help to the deliverables. In text this is an example,

    Examples of these out-of-scope deliverables may include data, processes, applications, and/or business management.]le.

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    You seem top have a clear idea of what needs to be done and how to do it. In what you just wrote, you have already defined the goals and objectives.

    Now be more specific about how you will go about developing and test the software, how long it will take, the major milestons and the project cost.

    Will you develop voice recognition software or use existing off-the-shelf tools?

    A detailed costing and basis of estimate is an important part of the proposal.

    Define the deliverables as some working software and related manuals, technical assistance, tutorials etc.

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    I just copy/paste from my .word from class. I have to fill in what needs to be done and and so on. I do not have a clear idea. But however you have helped out in your last post. thanks alot. I don't know about software, but i don't think they want exacts on it. Being that Im not a professional they probably are only expecting me to give how and why not really specifics on the soft and hardware. I will use what you have posted to help me do the assignment.

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    Milestone is something like a goal and deliverables are the outcomes from the goal? Is this correct?

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