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Ok, so my math teacher didn't tell us ways to do this faster, and it's late enough as it is so I don't want to be up all night doing homework. D;

*Note: A permutation is where the order matters. A combination is where it doesn't.

Find the number of permutations.

1.Ways to arrange the letters in the word GYMNAST

2. Ways to arrange 8 books on a bookshelf

3.Ways to choose your first, second, and third favorite movies from a list of 30 movies

Find the number of combinations.

4. Ways to choose 4 different flowers from the following kinds: rose, tulip, daisy, petunia, sunflower, begonia, lilac, orchid

5. Ways to choose 6 different baseball cards from 25 baseball cards

6. Ways to choose 5 different magazines from 34 magazines

In Exercises 7-10, tell whether the situation describes a permutation or a combination. Then answer the question.

7. A teacher is grouping people together to work on a project. There are 36 people in the class and each group will have 3 people. How many ways can the teacher choose the first group?

8. You are burning a CD of your 10 favorite songs. How many ways can you order the songs on the CD?

9.You are at the video store to rent video games. The store has 18 games that you like, but you can only rent 5 games. How many ways can you rent the 5 games?

10. At a basketball tournament, you want to assign each team with a different number so that you can easily come up with a game schedule. If there are 8 teams in the tournament, how many different ways can you number the teams?

11. In how many different ways can the letters in the word OBOE be arranged? Explain your reasoning.

12. Your classes are being scheduled for the upcoming school year. You will be taking English, math, history, physical education, Spanish, woodshop, and computer basics. What is the probability that woodshop will be scheduled during first period and math will be scheduled during second period?

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    My friend if you don't care about your own math work, then no one else will, too.

    Math rules!

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    go die

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