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I know that the reasons for the United States entrance into WWI are to ensure Allied repayment of debts to the United States and to prevent the Germans from threatening U.S. shipping, but how can I explain them more specifically?

Please give me some ideas. THANKS A LOT!

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    Well the sinking of the british liner Lusitania was the main reason we entered because there were like 100 or more American's on the ship. Wilson demanded safety to passenger ships and Germany complied sort of. The germans also sabotaged Black Tom and the Kingsland explosion where the US was shipping war supplies to allied countries...also, the fact that Germany sent what is now known as the Zimmerman Telegram offering an alliance between Germany and Mexico so that Mexico could have the US also brought us into the war.

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    but what about "to ensure Allied repayment of debts to the United States"?

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    the US was lending war materials to allies under the lend lease act to avoid interallied debts...

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