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algebra I

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If you toss a coin, the probability of gettig heads is 1/2. If you toss a coin 2 times. the probability of getting heds each time is 1/2*1/2 or (1/2)^2.

-Write an expression to represent the probability of tossing a coin 'n' times and getting 'n' heads.
-Express your answer to the question above as a power of 2.

At first I thought the expression was (1/2)^n but then when I look at it again, it seems wrong.

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    It is right!!

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    Oh okay. Then for the second problem, would it be (1/2)^2?

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    I am sorry, but the second part of the problem "express your answer to the question as power of 2" is confusing to me. Certainly, if you flip the coin TWICE, then it's a power of 2, as you said, but if you flip it N times, I don't know you can express this as a power of 2.

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    they mean that n= n number of times in the equations


    but the product is not corresct if u replce an exponent of 2 for the n...

    the answer is said to be 2^-n

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    Oh...ok, of course...

    2^-n is the same as (1/2)^n.

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