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In science, my teacher gave out an assignment where we had to group the months of the year, kind of like the seasons. I have absolutely no ideas, and was wondering if anyone else had some input on the assignment.

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    There are many ways to group the months.

    You could group them by the number of days.

    Or -- by the word origins
    Or -- alphabetically
    Or -- by the growing seasons in your area
    Or -- by the number of letters in each name

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    Perhaps your teacher meant something like this.
    Jan, March, May, July, Aug, Oct, Dec--long months of 31 days.

    April,June,Sept, Nov--shorter months by 1 day.

    Feb--shortest month of all.

    This may not be even close to what you had in mind but months are grouped according to number of days. Check to make sure I didn't goof on the number of days in each month.

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    Well he said that we aren't allowed to group the months of the year by the amount of days in the month or the amount of letters in the month's name.

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    Now you tell us!

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    can you explain the role of the frog in two food chain

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