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If gear A has 30 teeth and is spinning at 800rpm, gear B has 50 teeth and gear C has 20 teeth and gear D is spinning at 300rpm. How many teeth does gear D have?

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    rpms if all in a row
    If any are on the same shaft. I do not have your picture.
    B 800*(30/50)
    C 800*(30/50)*(50/20)
    D 800*(30/50)*(50/20)*(20/N) = 300

    or more easily since all teeth are the same size
    800*(30/N) = 300
    N = 80

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    B and C are on the same shaft

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    Now you tell me !

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    B = 800*30/50 = 480 rpm
    C = 480 rpm
    D = 480 (20/N) = 300
    N = 32

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    thank you

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    You are welcome :)

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    How exactly does Free Body Diagrams work?

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    Think of the body all alone in space
    Add up all the force vectors on it and equate that to mass times acceleration.

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