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Biology...PLZ HELP

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(1)Mendel crossed pure-breeding pea plants grown from round seeds with purple flowers with pure-breeding plants grown from wrinkled seeds with white flowers. All the progeny were round seed, purple flowers. Explain this with a suitable genetic diagram.
I drew a punett square and got all to be round seed, purple flower.)

2)When the plants from Q1 were self-pollinated the following season, the following seeds were produced
Phenotype |Genotype|N° of seeds
round,purple | ? |317
round,white | ? |105
wrinkled,purple| ? |106
wrinkled,white | ? |36

a)Which characteristics are not seen in the parents?What does this mean?
b)What is the ratio of phenotypes produced?
c)Draw a genetic diagram justifying these results
d)Cross the heterozygous dominant F1 with the homozygous recessive pea plant. What ratio and phenotypes are produced?Can you think of a use for this?

PLEASE HELP!!!explanations wud be gud

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