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bonjour je suis étudiant français et j'aurais besoin de votre aide. C'est pour un questionnaire et je n'ai pas de correction. Pourriez vous me donner les vraies réponses quand vous aurez du temps libre svp.

c'est à partir de la page 7.

“hand-wringing” (line 2) means:
(A) congratulation
(B) worries
(C) self-satisfaction
(D) solidarity

“aren’t geared to” (line 4) means:
(A) aren’t equipped to
(B) aren’t allowed to
(C) aren’t likely to
(D) aren’t willing to
11. “making the best of things” (line 10) means:
(A) always choosing the best solution
(B) always acting in the best possible way
(C) drawing all possible advantages from any
(D) being as helpful as possible
12. “widow” (line 16) means:
(A) unmarried woman
(B) woman who has lost her husband
(C) woman responsible for a charity
(D) woman living with a self-help group
13. “outfit” (line 16) means:
(A) shop in the back country
(B) organization
(C) equipment for outdoor activities
(D) sportswear clothes

  • SraJMcGin -

    Hello Mk-tintin,

    Please post what you think the answers are to these and your many other questions, and SraJMcGinn or other tutors will be glad to help you.

  • SraJMcGin -

    P.S. Page 7 or line 4 will mean nothing to any of us for we have no idea what this is from. By now you have gleaned that we have to see your work first before you get ours.


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