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Can anyone explain la concordance des temps when your first verbs are passe compose, imparfait and plus-que-parfait?

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    I also asked a while back about Les Expressions Temporelles. Thanks for the help, I understood them. But how would I know which one to use?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. As for the earlier post you asked, present if the English is (for example) I hear, do hear, am hearing/ the imperfect if the English is: I was hearing, I used to hear, I heard (this terciary meaning crosses over with the passé composé so only the speaker knows what is in mind) / the passé composé if the English is I did hear, I heard. Of course, there is also the Future = I will/shall (dying out in English) hear, and the contraction I'll... / The Conditional = I would hear / etc.

    It would be best if you gave examples of what you mean. Are you speaking about the concordance of the verb with the subject? I'm sure you understand that. Are you speaking of the agreement of the past participle in the passé composé? Please be more explicit, if possible.


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    Je reste à l'asile pendant 13 ans parce que mes souliers parent.
    Je suis resté à l'asile pendant 13 ans parce que mes souliers avant parlé.

    That's an example of what I mean. When you conjugate something in either passe compose, imparfait or plus-que-parfait, you need to change the following verb with 3 other conjugations. I'm not sure which to use.

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    Thank you for explaining further. These are the only instructions you saw --- just this example? Taking it as face value:

    1. Je reste = present tense
    2. Je suis resté = passé composé for a male BUT je suis restée = passé composé for a female
    3. Je restais = l'imparfait
    4. je resterai = futur
    5. je resterais = conditionnel
    6. J'étais resté = plus-que-parfait

    OR if you have to change the subject

    1. Nous restons = present
    2. Nous sommes restés = passé composé
    3. Nous restions = l'imparfait
    4. Nous resterons = futur
    5. Nous resterions = conditionnel
    6. Nous étions restés = plus-que parfait

    Is this what you mean? Your text should either have complete instructions (and I need to see the exact wording) or a complete example. The words "you need to chanbge the following verb" are not clear to me. (following the subject? there is no following verb in the first example and the 2nd "avant parlé" can not be complete. Something is not quite right.


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