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I can't figure out how to set up this problem. Can anyone help me?


What volume of O2 (at STP) is used to react wiht 15.0 g of iron?

Answer: 4.52 L

Thanks :)

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    What is the product?
    Fe may react to form Fe2O3 or it might make FeO.
    My guess, expecially in the presence of pure O2, the product is Fe2O3. If it isn't you can tailor the answer to fit the product.

    1. Write the balanced equation.
    4Fe + 3O2 ==> 2Fe2O3

    2. Convert 15.0 g Fe to mols.
    mols = g/atomic mass.

    3. Convert mols Fe to mols oxygen by using the coefficients in the balanced equation.
    mols O2 = mols Fe x (3 mols O2/4 mols Fe) = xx

    4. Now convert mols O2 to volume knowing that 22.4 L is 1 mol at STP.
    volume O2 = mols O2 x 22.4 L/mol = ?? L.
    The answer I have if 4.52 but I didn't use exact numbers for atomic masses.

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