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does anyone know how to plot ponts with coordinates? If so, could you explain how to plot (3,-5) on a graph?

  • algebra -

    if the line is 3-5 then draw 2 lines from the 3 (on the side) and the 5 (on the bottem)and conect then.

  • algebra -

    do you know that there is an "x" line that is horizontal and "y" line that is vertical? Imagine a big plus sign with a zero where the two lines intersect. the numbers to the right of the zero on the X line are positive, the numbers to the left of the zero are negative. It might help if you draw this right now. Now go back to the zero and go up the "y" line, those numbers are positive, if you go down the line from zero, they are negative.

    All coordinaate pairs are always (X,Y)'

    So, start from the zero on the X line and count to the right 3, then since "y" is negative, count down 5 and mark your spot

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