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US History

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Do you think that the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine fundamentally altered the nature of the doctrine and the intentions of its origianl authors (Monroe and JQ Adams)? If so explain how. If not, explain how the doctrine and the corollary are comparable.

Here is my essay outline:

I. Introduction

II. Monroe Doctrine; 1820s
1. No more European intervention or colonization in the Western Hemishpere
2. Anti-imperilism
3. Militaristic Doctrine

III. Roosevelt Corollary
1. Latin American nations couldn't pay their debts to Euopean Nations
2. Britain and Germany used force in South America
3. Roosevelt feared they would stay in Latin America and violate the Monroe Doctrine
4. In future cases of debt, US would take over and pay off debts, keeping the Euorpeans out
5. Economic Corrolary
6. Teddy's big stick rather tahn interest in the welfare of the South American's

IV. Conclusion: Altered the nature of the doctrine
1. More economic than militaristic
2. Allowed only the US to bully Latin America

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Looks good to me. Writing this same essay right now.

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