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How do you say 'petted' and 'holding onto my piggybank' in Spanish?

I have never learned those words before, but in my project I will need to use them.

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    FYI: I must use imperfect passive tense about what the things I used to do when I was younger

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Without see the specific sentences containing these words, I can not give you the complete form. For example, I have no idea of the subject and the word "holding" is a gerund (-ndo form) which will not give you the Imperfect Passive tense. However, I'll give you the infinitive of each and the "yo" form of the verbs in the Imperfect. (The Passive will have "se.")

    to pet = acariciar or mimar
    acariciar is to pet, to caress (acariciaba)
    mimar is to pet, spoil, indulge (mimaba)

    to hold onto my piggybank = asirse a or agarrar or even coger
    asirse a = to hold on to ; to take hold; to cling to (me asía a)
    agarrar = to grab, get, obtain (agarraba)
    coger = to to take hold of, catch, seize (cogía)

    As for "piggybank" I have no idea! If it's not in your textbook, "banquito" would be a small bank. "alcancía" is a child's bank for coins. I'll look online and let you know if a find an "official" word!

    If you are not sure of the Imperfect Passive tense, feel free to repost for proofreading.


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